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The New York Post, sometimes abbreviated as NY Post is a daily newspaper in New York City. The Post also operates, the celebrity gossip site and the entertainment site

On March 2017, An outraged reader named “Arthur B.” Share what he thinks of NY post in a review posted by Sitejabber: Words that come to my mind when describing this trash source of so-called news: Trash, extreme bias, hatred, and implausible. This is an example of tainted journalism that has inflicted damage on social order and adds to the factors of what makes politics in America a complete circus show.


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YouTube Manager & Video Content Strategist (Former Employee) says

"Reached out to a few contacts at the Post who were able to land me an interview with Head of Department and a high-level Producer for a temp-to-hire position. Producer didn't pay attention at all during interviews. Was busy doodling in notebook. That behavior would continue in all my meetings with said Producer. HoD essentially guaranteed me a full-time employee position once temporary term was up DURING interviews. Cons: Everything else"

Mail Feeder (Current Employee) says

"the mailers department is the worst company you can ever work. first of they abuse the work force .. this job is on call meaning you call everyday to see if made it . The list is based on seniority, they raise anyone on the list who have connection and the people who work hard stay on the same spot. this is the worst job i ever had their racist and use favoritism towards their employees. this wasn't a good place to work at Cons: short break, racism, favoritism"

Freelance Designer (Former Employee) says

"The people are what make the company. Headlines come from everyone. You get to be creative with your work if you are an art person or an editor or journalist. Cons: the coffee"

Freelance Photographer (Former Employee) says

"An awful place to work because of the chief photo editor He uses profanity, give conflicting instructions and belittles his employees."

Web Developer / Online Production (Current Employee) says

"A typical day on the job is usually 9-5pm for those of us on the day shift. Overtime is not an option for my field, although I am occasionally expected to work at midnight without compensation. Working at the New York Post is great for an entry-level position, but I can't say it is ready for mid-senior level professionals. Cons: vacation, holidays, job advancement"

Reporter (Current Employee) says

"A very necessary and engaging entry-level position in the media industry. Highly competitive, and deadline driven work environments and requiring quick thinking. Cons: compensation"

Circular Sorter (Per Diem) says

"I would have to call twice the day before a shift to see if there is work available due to it being Per Diem. The first call goes in to a automated system expressing that I have checked in for that day and the second call was to find out if I made the cut to get a shift for the next day. Cons: people who have seniority have priority when work is available"


"Were once a sexy career, now they are dying. Being on the web team is three steps removed from being on a news beat and chasing stories. Cons: May not be printing papers in two years"

Fashion Department Intern (Former Employee) says

"Intern in the fashion department so handled incoming clothes and products. Occasionally researched upcoming trends or helped on photo shoots for the newspaper. Cons: Unpaid"

Chief Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Typical day started out with a production meeting to go over previous nights paper run. Cons: Increasingly hostile to union work environment as time went on."

Police Bureau Reporter (Former Employee) says

"Most of the advancement happens when you just stick it out long enough to wait for someone else to quit and take their job. They stay afloat by employing tons of contract workers who they pay far below industry standard and use the lack of available hours and competition to bully their part timers into working whatever awful days and hours they throw at them (as if they should be grateful). Bad communication between managing editors, not very kind of supportive to their workers. Low morale, tedius redundant work"

Account Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The company made a transition from mostly print to mostly digital and wound up cutting out a lot of the sales and sales support team."

Sam Hoover says

"Feels like a scam due to requiring to post add on personal account."

Elizabeth O'Donnell says

"I purchased several items from Stack in May. I tried to return one, and the process has been a nightmare! 3 months of emails back and forth, no joke. I had to pay $60 to ship the item back to the UK and have STILL not received my refund. I get a weekly email from Stack customer service saying they are checking on it. Amazon provides immediate and easy returns/refunds and carries the SAME ITEM. Obviously I won't be buying from Stack in the future."

Mika says

"Nothing happened. My browser froze after i tried to download"

Jeff says

"They offer something for free, then want me to post on my social media sites. That is not free."